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McKenna Granite and Tile - Call: 310.517.1885

McKenna Granite and Tile is a California licensed, bonded and insured construction company specializing in the installation of granite, tile, marble and is Ceasar Stone certified. We can provide furniture tops for dinning tables, office desks, sideboards, you name it. We also install slab floors and walls. We perform proper installation of stone and tile by running string lines to assess grade and level of floors. We use paper, wire and concrete to float walls plumb and straight.

All materials are to the standards of the Ceramic Tile Institute of America.

Located in the South Bay of Los Angeles the parameter of our business area reaches from Beverly Hills, including the Westside, to Whittier to Mission Viejo.

We'll work with your supplier or introduce you to businesses that we trust. Since we're located in Torrance in the South Bay of Los Angeles most of our suppliers are nearby. For instance; Classic Tile in Hermosa Beach, or Simply Tiles, Bedrosians, Ceramic Tile Center and Cal Tile Center all in Torrance. For raw stone we call Marble Express in Anaheim. These are some of our suppliers.

Joe McKenna knew what he wanted for a career. Joe earned his C54, California Contractors License, employing himself as a freelance tile installer working on remodels, new homes and commercial sites. In 1997, with the experience and knowledge that he had acquired, Joe opened McKenna Granite and Tile. This operation continues to turns out a variety of installations. With a well deserved reputation for quality workmanship McKenna Granite and Tile has grown into a respected presence in the business community.

McKenna is a member of the Ceramic Tile Institute of America and the Western Regional Master Builders Association, as well as, the Better Business Bureau.